Cover of book. Genres: Fiction, Fantasy; Fiction, Historical. Publisher: HMCo Children's books. Publication Date: 2005. Pages: 308.

Zahrah is a 13 year old girl born dada, when you are born dada, you have hair made of plants. She lives in the Ooni Kingdom and is often bullied because of her appearance. She only has one friend, Dari, who is nothing like her. Dari is adventurous and would rather stand out in a crowd, while Zahrah is quiet and would rather blend in with a crowd.

In the book, Zahrah finds out she has the ability to float. She tells Dari and they try to figure out what this means. From researching in a library, they find out about a myth that dada people who can fly are called windseekers. One day, Zahrah and Dari travel into the Dark Market and find a women named Nsibidi. Nsibidi is also dada and a windseeker. Nsibidi tells Zahrah to practice flying. Dari and Zahrah decided that the best place to practice without anyone seeing would be in the Forbidden Greeny Jungle, so they venture in.

After a few weeks of going to the Forbidden Greeny Jungle every other day, Zahrah learns to fly a little better and they get used to the feel of the jungle. Unforutnately, a war snake takes Dari by surprise and bites him. The snake's venom puts him in a coma and he is hospitalized. The only cure for his condition is the serum of an unfertilized elgort egg. An elgort can only be found deep into the Forbidden Greeny Jungle.

Zahrah decides that her mission is to save her best and only friend, so she goes into the jungle. Over the next couple of weeks Zahrah endures many odd animals, such as, giant whip scorpions, bush cows, a wood wit, talking panthers, talking gorillas, a wise frog, and eventually an elgort.

Zahrah successfully obtains an unfertilized elgort egg, and by the time that she does, she has mostly mastered flying. She returns to her village and the serum is injected into Dari and it works. Dari comes out of his coma and everything is back to normal again. Except now, Zahrah has changed from all that she learned from her adventure.