Whip scorpion

The whip scorpion

Whip scorpions are strong and intelligent. If you encounter one, then the your only chance is to kill it. To kill a whip scorpion, you must aim any weapon for its eyes. A whip scorpion's whip is very poisonous. If you get a huge cut, then you will probably die in minutes. If the cut is small, then you have a 50% percent chance of surviving. A small, blue rash will appear around the cut. If you scratch it, then the poison will get under your fingernails. To keep it from itching, put some soil on it. When the poison gets in your bloodstream, you will get very tired. It causes you to be sluggish and less alert. The more you sleep, the stronger the poison becomes and the closer you get to death. If your blood pressure rises to high, then you will automatically fall asleep. It takes six to seven months for the poison to fully leave your system.